Navigating Breast Cancer's Unseen Path - A Podcast for Young Warriors

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Thriving Beyond Breast Cancer Podcast 

Thriving beyond breast cancer

Kind Words from Listeners


“This is a really unique show. I appreciate how honest the hosts (and guests) are, giving us insights into the high’s and low’s of their journeys. I will continue to listen!”


“Love this podcast!
Love hearing the stories from survivors! Elisa and Bess are doing amazing since they took over the podcast ❤️”


“I know both of these women. They are compassionate and passionate about breast cancer and the care of women. It should be an inspiration for all of us whether or not we have had cancer or have been touched by it. We all have our challenges.”


“Thank you for wonderful stories of breast cancer survivors! I am going on my year diasgnosis date in December and I have enjoyed hearing these stories. They give me a lot of hope for a healthy future. Thank you ladies!”


“As I listened I felt like I was sitting in someone’s living room listening to my friends sharing and lifting up a woman and her story.

It’s so powerful for people to share their stories of adversity and for others to relate/learn from those stories. Adversity doesn’t quite seem strong enough in the case of breast cancer... Thank you, for sharing these stories with the world. I look forward to listening to them all.”

Join this amazing community, where everyone is welcome and every story is heard. 

Elisa DiMeo and Bess Hagans create a supportive community for young breast cancer survivors. Providing a platform for sharing experiences, information, and emotional support can make a significant difference in the lives of those going through similar challenges.

Interviewing other young women who have been through breast cancer journeys, as well as experts in the field, can offer valuable insights and perspectives. Learning from personal stories and professional advice can provide a comprehensive view of the challenges and opportunities that come with a breast cancer diagnosis, especially for young individuals. 

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